This both is and is not my first blog post. I have others. They’re currently set published: false because, you know, they’re shy. The truth is they were never finished and rather than finishing them I’m just calling this my first post. Cool? Cool.

“So, what is this blog for?” you ask. Text. The blog is for text. Maybe images. Mostly text. The plan (if it could be called such a thing) right now is to find stuff to write about and write about it on some semblance of a regular schedule. It’s quite a plan, I know. I’ve always been a writer. I journal every day, I’ve written and performed slam poetry. I even had this brief stint in high school where I was convinced I was born to be a novelist. The current opinion on the matter is that is not the case, but I suppose it remains to be seen. Point is, I’m rather confident in my ability to execute the task.

Will I find something to write about? Will I just totally forget this all ever happened and end up setting this post published: false? Tune in next [time interval] to find out!