(This post is based on an old one from December 2015 that was mysteriously deleted for several months.)

I’ve always been a planner. It’s in my DNA. I spend a large body of time every day thinking about tomorrow, the week, the year ahead. I guess you can say I’m organized. How much of that planned activity gets done, though? What’s the ratio of ‘checked off and completed’ to ‘deleted out of frustration’ on my To-Do list?

This blog/site/journal/thing that you’re reading right now almost ended up in that latter category. But it didn’t. It didn’t because today I decided that I’m trying a new rule. It’s a simple one:

I need a good reason to add something to my To-Do list, and a better reason to remove it without completion.

Taking, for example, the creation of this blog site, I had a very good reason for wanting to do it: I kept coming up with things to say and didn’t have a place to put them; and as popular as Medium is, it didn’t seem like the answer, or at least not the only answer. It finally hit the top of my list, and thanks to this new rule, actually got done.

What comes next? Well, I have no idea. I’m going to put it up on the web, and the next time I think I’ve got something to write about, I now have a place to do it.