There’s this weird thing that happens when you contribute something to a static profile. You have to worry about how this new content fits in with your online persona that’s supposed to be you. It’s uncomfortable and unfortunate.

- Evan Spiegel

I have anxiety when it comes to my website. There’s this perception that it sits, etched in HTML/CSS, on the web for all eternity. It’s the cornerstone of my online identity. It’s supposed to stay firmly planted here, weathering the storms of social networks come and gone, a flag planted on my own internet soil. It’s terrifying.

I can’t tell you with perfect certainty what it is I’m worried about. Perhaps it’s that I’m somewhat obsessive, and given that I have perfect control over every character, every pixel of this place I feel that it needs to be correct before I can set it free, before I can let the world see that this, this incomplete bag of disarray is what I want them to see when they look me up.

My friends will tell you that I’m rather infatuated with Snapchat. More so, they say, than they would expect. Some tell me I should “post less often” or “send less snaps”. I don’t really know why they feel this way. Perhaps they think Snapchat is still some sexting app. The majority, however, often unprompted, tell me they adore the ten second vignettes.

For me, Snapchat’s best feature is the lack of expectation. Anything goes. It’s fun. It’s also temporal. Unlike this website, no one expects snaps to stick around. Not to say that I fear repercussions of social exposure, or anything like that, but it’s much easier to exist under the “Trevor wants to share something” pretense than the “Trevor wants people to think this represents him” pretense. When people read your blog, it’s a form of caricature. Whether they intend to or not, they’re judging you. They get an impression. When people view your Snapchat story, they don’t make these same assumptions. It’s refreshing.

But I’m doing it anyway: I’m blogging. I’m leaving these posts up here for much longer than ten seconds. I’m branching out into the uncomfortable, unfortunate world of a static profile.

Don’t worry Evan, I’m going to keep snapping, too.